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The Hare & Hounds, Watery Ln, CV7 8JA

7th April @ 7.30pm
8th April @ 2pm
9th April @ 7.30pm

Programme: Welcome

Dick Wittington

A Note from the Director:

This is my first show as writer and director, and I have to say it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. 

The cast have worked incredibly hard, and it has been a tremendous privilege to see them grow into and develop their roles. Every rehearsal has been filled with focus, dedication, and most importantly fun.  

We hope we can help you share in that same fun as you watch and enjoy the magic of Dick Whittington!

- Christopher Goldthorn x


Shannon Lee

Dick Wittington

Having loved performing from a young age, I have had the chance to do a variety of different shows throughout my life. I studied acting whilst at college and university and have done multiple performances with different theatre companies since then. This is my fifth show with Funny Business and my first playing a principal boy. It’s been the most fun show to do and I can’t wait for an audience to experience the fun too!


Charlie Lewis

Assistant Director

I have been performing for what seems like forever. I have been in pantos, Shakespeare, musicals, Whodunnit's, interactive theatre, TV, dramas... to name but a few.
Running Funny Business with my partner in crime Chris is a dream come true & I am so excited that you are a part of his journey as writer/director for the company.
It has been so much fun bringing Tommy to life; especially working alongside Shannon. Believe me when I say we can ad lib for hours if the mood takes us... 
Don't forget to sing, dance, clap, & boo along - I hope you enjoy the show!


Ciar Jones

Rat King

Through studying drama at school I was able to see how fun and enjoyable acting is, and watching theatre as a child made me want to play one character especially: the panto villain, and I am absolutely thrilled that being with Funny Business has allowed me to achieve this.


Moz Baker

Damesly Harriett

Having performed with different groups I set up my own in 2003 entering One Act Play festivals with much success before handing over the reigns three years ago. This is my 3rd outing with Funny Business and my first excursion into panto and the world of Damehood. I am rather enjoying it!


Rose Williams


Started acting in school, continued through uni and when I moved to the Midlands joined Rugby theatre. Appeared in many shows there until my children arrived. Did community panto once they were grown a bit, my favourite genre. Was lucky enough to play dame twice. Been with Funny Business more or less from the start.


Julie Renhard-Gray


I’ve always wanted to act but never felt I had the confidence - until I met the wonderfully talented Charlie, Chris and their amazing, supportive team of players! During a particularly difficult time in my personal life, I saw a Facebook post for volunteers to act or help behind the scenes - and I was immediately welcomed into the Funny Business company and have since been given the opportunity to perform in several productions despite having no previous acting experience!


Melanie Hughes


At school I was a keen actor, always in a production. I left school and became a hairdresser, went to a few auditions when I was 19 then experienced stage fright which stopped me in my tracks. Never returned to acting until my sister formed ‘Funny Business’ & I agreed to help back stage with makeup and costumes. Little did I know that I had been written into the panto of Red Riding Hood. To my shock horror I really enjoyed it & have continued to be in her productions. My confidence has grown in leaps & bounds, so now that stage fright that I experienced all those years ago has disappeared; all down to Funny Business, so thank you Charlie & Chris.


Sandra Ingram


I have been in the theatre since the age of 16.
Appearing in Musicals, then Panto, Films, TV including BBC's 'Doctors' & Netflix series 'You Don't  Know Me.'


Natasha Narula

Ship's mate
Shop Helper

I started dancing on stage in my 20's and found I loved performing. I have danced in various clubs/venues. I have appeared in panto previously at The Albany Theatre. This is my 1st show with Funny Business and it's been great fun.


Christopher Goldthorn

Captain Blackpool

Having been on Stage since I was 9, performing in Pantomimes, Tours Schools Shows, and the occasional Dungeon, I thought it was time to step off the stage and try things from the other side. This is the first Panto I have written, and the first show I have directed, so I want to say a massive thank you to the cast for being so supportive and, as always, being amazingly talented!

Programme: News & Updates
Big Ben

Dick Wittington

Act One


Dick's Fortune

I am the Rat King

Trust in Me

Bad Stuff Happens

The Greatest Sailor on the Seven Seas

Programme: Performances

Scene One

Road to London

Scene Two

London Street

Scene Three

Alderman's Shop

Scene Four

The Rat King's Lair

Scene Five

The Kitchen

Scene Six

The Robbery

Scene Seven

The Mistake

Scene Eight

The Docks

15 minute Interval

Time to visit the bar for refreshments!

Tropical Island

Dick Wittington

Act Two


We're Going to Tahiti

Duck Tales Theme

Octopuses Garden

Gotta Catch 'em All

Panto Heroes

Programme: Performances

Scene One

The Ocean Blue

Scene Two

The Storm

Scene Three

Under the Sea

Scene Four

Tropical Paradise

Scene Five

The Rat Catcher

Scene Six

The Cave

Scene Seven

Back in London



End of the Show

Have a safe journey home!

Programme: Pro Gallery

We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Julie & the team at The Manor House, Fillongley for providing us with a fantastic rehearsal space.

A warm welcome awaits all visitors to this lovely pub!

To find out more about The Manor House, click HERE

Programme: Quote

Thank you so much to The Hare & Hounds for hosting us and being so supportive with our little show.

We will be back!

To find out more about The Hare & Hounds, click HERE

Programme: Quote

Charity Donations

A portion of the raffle will be donated to 2 UK based Deaf Blind charities in honour of a close friend.

Deaf Blind UK

To find out more about this charity or to donate, click HERE



To find out more about this charity or to donate, click HERE

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Programme: News
Programme: Text

See the show... again?

For more information on further performances of this show, click HERE

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